Horses that are balanced nutritionally, emotionally, and mentally are more relaxed and stable.

Hi! I'm Diedra Petrina creator of

Hoof & Up

Are you looking for preventative horse care that takes the whole horse (Emotion + Mental + Physical) into consideration? I thought so.

You know (and believe) deep down that there must be an alternative to traditional horse care. You want horse care with specific qualities...

  • preventative
  • brings the wild living to domestic living
  • address more than the physical being, it includes your horses mental and emotional being

Look no further, you have found it

Your gut feeling has steered you towards the watering hole (that would be me). There is an alternative way to care for your horse one that includes not only your horses physical being but also his mental and emotional being as well that is preventative and brings a bit of the wild to his domestic life.

A tid-bit about me

I love learning and I love horses (of course I love learning about horses).


I've been working with horses for 27 years. During this time I've had so many wonderful opportunities and have met some incredibly talented people that have helped me shape who I am today and what I bring to you and your horse.


Like I said earlier I love learning about horses specifically alternative care that supports the whole horse; below you will see just a fraction of what I have studied and what I am passionate about

  • Communication with All Life University - Animal Communication
  • Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners - Barefoot Hoof Care
  • Northwest School of Animal Massage - Equine Massage Work
  • The Emotion Code - Energy Work

If you would like to see in more detail my experience scroll to the bottom of this page.

I get asked all the time "What got you interested in barefoot trimming?"

Here is my many young girls my love of horses started young. I bought my first horse when I was 12 with money that I had earned by selling the most candy bars for my soccer team. From there my love for horses grew and grew. Like most new horse owners I knew nothing about caring for horses and blindly followed the main stream.

It wasn't until I got a little bit older that I started questioning health care for my horses. It was my horse's feet that ingnited my quest of holistic horse care. I started to notice that my horse's feet had huge ripples in the hoof walls, they were constantly brittle and loosing shoes. When I asked my farrier why were their feet like this I didn't get a satisfying answer. I was then introduced to a farrier that did natural balance shoeing; finally I got some answers. It was at this time that I was introduced to barefoot trimming and learned about Pete Ramey, Jamie Jackson, and Dr. Strausser. I was totally immersed with literature that talked about how wild horses hooves functioned and how to read their feet. At this point I started trimming my own horses. I was amazed at how their feet started to improve so quickly and my friends started commenting how great their feet looked and they were amazed how well they moved over rough terrain.

A couple of years later my husbands horse had a very bad reaction to vaccinations and foundered; several veterinarians suggested that we put him down. I was determined to heal him through hoof care, nutrition, and exercise. This incident is what really pushed me into hoof rehab and helping other people's horses as a professional. I am happy to say that my husband's horse doing well and is sound.

My husband's horse did more than just push me into learning more about hoof care, I also had to learn about physical health (nutrition and body work) and mental health. I have been so fortunate to have a wonderful support group and mentors to help me with hoof care, physical health, and mental health.

  • Dr. Erin Zamzow - Holistic Veterinarian
  • Joan Ranquet - Animal Communicator
  • Paul Rux - Natural Balance Farrier
  • Dr. Bradly Nelson - Emotion Code (energy work)

 Certifications, Clinics, and Coursework

  • Emotion Code -Certification
  • Communication with All Life University with Joan Ranquet
    • Animal Alchemy
    • Advanced Animal Communication
    • Death, Dying, and Lost Animals
  • Pacific Hoof Care Practitioner Courses
    • Equine Hoof Anatomy with Paige Pose
    • Laminitis, Founder, Insulin Resistance & Cushing's with Dr. Cindy Nelson
    • Saddle Fitting with David Genadeck
    • Between the Twines with Sally Hugg
    • Boot Fitting
    • Radiograph Reading with Dr. Cindy Nelson
  • Western Dressage with Barb Apple
  • Enlightened Horsemanship with Robin Shen
  • Creative Mystic with Jean Slatter
  • Barefoot  Clinic x 2 - Pete Ramey- 2014
  • Biomechanics - Dr. Deb Bennett
  • Barefoot Clinic - Pete Ramey - 2015
  • Equine Massage - Northwest School of Animal Massage
  • Equine Rehabilitative Massage - Northwest School of Animal Massage
    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    • Circulation Massage
    • Immune Massage
  • Essential Oils and Horses - Northwest School of Animal Massage
  • Myofacial Release - Northwest School of Animal Massage

Books and Videos (which I have read and watched numerous times)

  • Pete Ramey
    • Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot - Book
    • Under the Horse - Video
    • In the Trenches - Video
    • That's My Horse #1, #2, & #3 - Video
  • Jamie Jackson
    • Paddock Paradise - Book
    • Founder: Prevention and Cure the Natural Way - Book
  • Holistic Horse Works with April Battles
    • Musculoskeletal Equine Unwinding - Video
    • Horses with Headaches - Video
    • Horses are Talking - Video
  • Regan Golab
    • Health Talk for Horses - Video