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Are you and your horse ready for preventative horse care that combines compassion, patience, and knowledge?

We will work together to keep your horse emotionally + mentally + physically happy through the use of several different modalities including barefoot hoof care, body work, animal communication, and essential oils.

Your best friend will thank you!


She [Diedra Petrina] is a true barefoot hoof practitioner! She is wonderful with her clients and their horses, we wouldn't look anywhere else for our babies! Extremely knowledgeable, great communicator, on time, passionate about her work.

-Sasha H.

She [Diedra Petrina] is very attentive to your horses needs and has a holistic approach to trimming. She is always getting educated on the newest techniques and is able to explain what is going on with your horses feet.

-Nicole M.

Barefoot Hoof Care

Grow a healthy functioning hoof through nutrition, barefoot trimming, and exercise.

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Animal Communication

They are talking, are you listening?

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Body Work

The power of touch.

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Essential Oils

Supporting a healthy lifestyle with essential oils.

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